Ezi Angle Shelving

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Please note: This product requires some assembly

Ezi angle is an economical solution for most storage requirements.  Ezi Angle can be used to make shelving, benches, trolleys or whatever your imagination allows.

Key Features
  • The slotted angle is manufactured in 2000mm and 2400mm lengths which can be cut to size if required for your particular need. The upright angles are 40mm x 40mm x 2mm and the horizontal angles are 55mmx 40mm x 2mm powder coated in a ‘Magnolia Cream’ finish, however we can manufacture to an alternative colour choice. The horizontal angle is always larger so as to be able to be braced with two nuts and bolts to the upright. The 55mm x 40mm angle also allows for a greater weight carrying capacity. We sell boards to suit whatever size application—16mm white moisture resistant melamine with or without edging.
  • Steel shelves can also be used for attaching to the Ezi Angle 40mm x 40mm uprights by bracing the corner of the top and bottom shelves with corner braces as shown in the picture above. Intermediate shelves are then held by clips secured on the Ezi Angle.
  • Ezi Angle Span shelving is a hand loaded and unloaded system. Whilst mechanical devices such as stepped trolleys or elevating order pickers may be useful for gaining access to higher storage levels, the placement of products is a manual process.

Good to Know
  • Powder Coated steel shelves are available in 750mm, 895mm, 1050mm and 1200mm in length and 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm and 600mm in depth.

Ezi Angle using timber shelves

  • When using a timber shelf , the 55×40 horizontal angle is braced to the 40×40 upright angle using two nuts and bolts.

Ezi Angle using steel shelves

  • When using a steel shelf, the top and bottom shelves are corner braced.
  • U.D.L. Uniformly distributed load = the shelf, beam and bay capacities vary depending on the beam length. Indicative weights are as shown above and based on your shelving configuration.

Further Information

Care Instructions

Wipe clean with a mild soapy solution.

Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Our Planet

The steel in this product may be recyclable. Please check the recycling rule in your community for recycling facilities.

Ezi Angle Shelving Bay Option

Bay Height: Up to 2400mm (in 50mm increments).

Bay Length Using Timber Shelves: Up to 1500mm (in 50mm increments).

Bay Length Using steel shelves: Up to 1200mm

Bay Depth: UP to 600mm (in 50mm increments).

Levels: Optional

Shelf Weight Loading: Weight loading will vary depending on the length of the bay.

Indicative Loading: A 1200mm long timber shelf will carry 210kg with a uniformly distributed load. A 1200mm long steel shelf will carry 100kg with a uniformly distributed load.

Ezi Angle is available also in 2 metre or 2.4metre lengths – 40x40mm and 55x40mm. 

Using steel shelves

  • Lay two of the 40×40 angle uprights on the floor.
  • Attach the top and bottom shelves by loosely bolting them to the uprights using two corner braces at each of the corner.
  • Place the corner braces between the shelf and the upright.
  • Note: top and bottom shelves have an extra hole in them for the fixing of the corner brace.
  • Attach the two other uprights to the other end of the shelves in the same way.
  • Tighten all nuts and bolts.
  • Push shelf clips into the slotted angle at the required heights and sit remaining shelves on the clips.

Using timber shelf levels

  • Lay the four 40×40 angle uprights on the floor.
  • Assemble your two side frames first by loosely bolting the smaller length 55x40mm angles at the required positions along two of your angle uprights to form an end frame.
  • Note: The 55mm length of the angle is used vertically and two nuts and bolts are used at every fixing pint.
  • Loosely bolt the longer pieces of the 55x40mm angles between the two end frames at the required positions. (The longer pieces on the angle sit on top of the angle in the end frames)
  • Tighten all of the nuts. Place boards on each shelf level of the assembled frame.


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