Custom Made Shelving

Keylar Shelving (Qld) Pty Ltd has the ability to custom make shelving or new fixtures to the client’s specification. The fixtures you will see in Super Cheap Auto or BCF stores are an example of the on-going development between ourselves and the client over many years.

Keylar Shelving has the ability to design and manufacture efficiently, comprehending clients’ requirements and implementing solutions for their needs.

Our company is located at Banyo in Brisbane and has a showroom onsite to assist clients with their choices and needs.

Custom Made Shelving Solutions

Frequently, clients contact us regarding issues of limited space or non standard spaces that require storage. Recently a customer had a small home office which was very limited in size but maximum shelving space was required to store reference books that would be in constant use.

A bonus to the client was for the books to be hidden from view when they were not being used, but opening the doors on a standard hinged cupboard would infringe on the limited space within the office. The actual available space in the office for the shelving was just 2200mm long x 600mm deep.

The advantage of dealing with Keylar Shelving is that we manufacture all of our shelving and so, we are not limited to only “certain standard sizes” but we can custom make any shelving to suit the customer’s needs.

In this case, we manufactured a custom made mobile shelving unit that consisted of four bays of shelving 2175mm high x 600mm long x 400mm deep. The unit gave 14.4 lineal metres of shelving which is more than two standard cupboards would hold, and the mobile bays gave easy access to the stored books and everything could be hidden from view.

The problem of the limited space was solved by customising the shelving. The final shelving was aesthetically pleasing to the office environment and it was cost effective because you are dealing with the manufacturer of the shelving and not a re-seller.

No matter what type of shelving you require, Keylar Shelving can custom make the shelving to the exact specifications you require at no extra cost.

Another client recently required a small unit to fit in a difficult corner, a space that would otherwise not be utilised. The client wished to store a printer, shredder, documents and a bin.  Keylar Shelving was able to provide our client with a unit to accommodate their needs.

We receive many requests for items that are non-standard and require custom made expertise, give us call and deal direct with the manufacturer, our friendly team are here to assist you.

Miscellaneous Fixtures

We manufacture various miscellaneous fixtures for varying applications.

Miscellaneous Fixtures

Bench Seat

Nominal Size: 1200mm L x 480mm D x 550mm H
Heavy Duty 1.6mm perforated steel
Powder coated in nominated colours.

Industrial Shelving

Mobile Trolleys

Nominal Size: 1300mm H x 850mm L x 600mm D
Heavy Duty Lockable Castors

Long Span Shelving

Gift Card Holder

Steel Shelving

Invalid Serving Trolley

Raised edge on table top to hold spills.
Fully powder coated steel.

Miscellaneous Bicycle Stands

Miscellaneous Bicycle Stands

Bike stand, Miscellaneous Bicycle Stands

Miscellaneous Bicycle Stands

Miscellaneous fixtures manufactured for Supercheap Auto

Miscellaneous fixtures manufactured for Supercheap Auto

Shelving Units

Paper Tray

A4 – Available as landscape or portrait.
Heavy duty 1.6mm powder coated steel.

steel hanging rail

Miscellaneous fixtures manufactured for Supercheap Auto