How Gondola Shelving Can Enhance Your Retail Needs

Gondola Shelving provides storeowners and supermarkets with a durable and adaptable display option that also provide shelving options on both sides of the aisles. This type of shelving can even make use of empty wall space for your store’s display needs.

You can put just about any type of merchandise on them and they can a wide variety of materials, colours, and sizes to meet your needs and provide an aesthetic quality to your store that will attract customers.

The first step to using gondola shelving is to come up with an efficient layout that is suitable for your store. These durable alternatives to traditional wooden shelves allow you to display multiple products of different weight at once.

Also, store owners can adjust the space between the shelves to match the height of the product. This is great if you’re going to display cans of fruit or vegetables. You certainly don’t want to have a shelf that is too wide for products that are too small.

You can choose low gondola units if you need to maintain a clear view of the store, like in a convenience shop, or gas station store. Higher gondola units are better suited for large supermarkets as opposed to smaller food store.

When choosing the gondola, consider the height of the unit. Height can be a huge advantage because it allows you to place more products. However, the higher they are, the harder it will be for your customers to reach. Even if you were to use the higher, harder to reach shelves for storage, you will be putting yourself or your employees in greater danger trying to reach that high with ladders to get the items.

The depth of the shelf is another aspect that can have a positive impact because it allows you to stack more items. The disadvantage is that the more depth it has the less aisle space you’ll have to add more gondola shelving units in your store. Keep this in mind because restricted aisle depth creates discomfort and makes it difficult on those customers who have disabilities to get through.

When creating the aisles, it’s a good idea to make one row slightly shorter than the other to encourage customers to want to naturally turn to the next aisle. However you do it, make sure that the customer is able to browse easily without straining their necks or stretching to reach for a product until they pull a muscle. Gondola storage cabinets and shelving will make it more attractive to customers to stay and browse through ever aisle and buy more, which means you will ultimately earn more.

Regular customers tend to expect change to remain interested. So a different configuration now and then will be good for business. Gondola shelving offers added solutions to store owners by allowing them to adjust and change the position of the shelves. This is great when creating a seasonal display. They can even be altered in ways that go beyond the traditional type of shelving simply by tilting them so that they can display magazines or newspapers.

Gondola shelving allows you to take organizing and displaying to a whole new level so you can achieve your business goals.