High quality and low prices: Australian made is better

While Australians are recognised world leaders in product innovation—in everything from medical treatments, to technological developments, to fashion design—it’s hard for us to compete with the enormous manufacturing power of countries like China.

For a long time, Australian businesses have outsourced their manufacturing overseas to lower their production expenses and help them compete in the global market. Most businesses would prefer to support the Australian manufacturing industry and boost our employment, but their struggling bottom lines drive them to outsource just to keep afloat.

But because we’re a forward-thinking lot, we’ve found new ways to cut our expenses. Smarter thinking and smoother operations means that we no longer have to compromise on the quality of our products in order to produce them on Australian soil. We’re moving into a new era of Australian-made products, using our own resources and labour, to produce reasonably priced products with all the benefits of our bright design.

Our commitment to Australian manufacturing

Keylar Shelving is proud to be one of the businesses at the forefront of this movement. We’re good at what we do, and we’re glad to be able to deliver high quality shelving products to our customers at very competitive prices—and they’re entirely designed and made right here in our beautiful country.

We’re an Australian-owned, family company, and we’ve been in business since 1954. That’s a lot of experience in our industry—which is why the quality of our products is so high, and why we’re able to meet such a broad scope of demand. We understand what Australians want, and we customise our services to suit the wide range of needs they have.

Our products are so competitively priced that it would be a real challenge for our customers to find an overseas manufacturer to match or beat what we can offer. And with an exceptionally fast turnaround, superior quality standards, and the best customer service available, it would be near impossible.

Without a doubt, our customers come first. But Keylar Shelving’s commitment to Australian manufacturing—and keeping our economy moving forward by using our own resources and our own labour—is a promise that we’re dedicated to keeping for the life of our business.

Our unbeatable standards and products

While Australian businesses outsourcing their manufacturing overseas may save them money, the benefit of cheaper production is offset by the big risk of a poor quality product. At Keylar Shelving, that’s not a risk we’re willing to take. So we’ve found better ways to achieve economical outcomes without affecting the end product.

Unlike cheap imported shelving, all of Keylar’s shelving is accurately manufactured to strict standards for reliability and endurance.

  • The finish on all shelving is an advanced quality polyester powder coating (45-50 microns thickness), which gives a more durable, harder and scuff-resistant finish.
  • Our 80mm x 40mm tubular steel posts are the biggest available on the market.
  • Most of our shelves are reinforced underneath with strengthening bars to deliver high carrying capacities.
  • Our heavy-duty range also incorporates fully welded end frames.
  • We’ve got a broad range of beam sizes to accommodate different weight loadings.

These features give our shelving a superior strength and stability. In essence, Keylar shelving is designed for both performance and a long lifespan, and we deliver better products without a bigger price tag.

Our superior production processes

At Keylar Shelving, we adhere to the highest quality control standards in the country. We strictly monitor every step in the manufacturing process, from the quality of the raw steel, to the powder coating of the finished components.

Our production capacity is both fast and flexible. Our lead times are days, not months, which means we have the capacity to produce high volumes for larger businesses and retailers, as well as customised, one-off shelving components—and fast. We can also adapt our designs to produce more economical alternatives to suit the budgets of all our customers, without reducing the quality of the end product.

Some examples of our innovative production processes include:

  • Creating archive shelving from steel channel, rather than a tube section, as is used in long-span shelving. It still gives a superior storage length and weight loading capacity, but significantly reduces the cost of the product.
  • We can manufacture long-span shelving to meet just about any specifications: for example, any height to 3000mm, any length to 3000mm, and any depth to 1000mm.
  • Our customers don’t need to compromise on the look of their shelving. For a more dressed and professional look to the shelving, we have designed end frames that can be slotted on the inside of shelving.
  • They can also select from a wide range of custom colours to complement their home or corporate image, and all powder coating is completed in-house at our Banyo factory.

Whatever the volume and type of production, Keylar Shelving maintains its high quality and competitive pricing. And with the speed of our production, there really is no overseas manufacturer who can compete with our level of service.

Our excellence in customer service

Keylar Shelving produces high-quality shelving solutions for a variety of commercial and domestic needs, while using innovative manufacturing techniques and Australian materials and labour—and keeping our prices competitive. That’s an achievement we’re proud of. But we’re more proud of the customer service we deliver—the kind of service you simply can’t get when you’ve outsourced overseas.

We’ve got a broad variety of shelving systems to suit different storage needs. But whether it’s for a garage, a home office, or a warehouse fit out, we’re always happy to design and create customised products to meet our customers’ specifications—and to take the time to tailor our services to achieve the perfect solution.

We design all our systems with our customers in mind. At Keylar, we believe the end product should be easy to use, which is why all our systems are fast and easy to assemble and dismantle. When you outsource overseas, you get the product, but not the service: but at Keylar, we offer the long-term support our customers need throughout the entire purchasing process.

We offer obligation-free quotes for both supply, or supply and installation, of all the shelving we manufacture. We work with our customers to develop the right shelving solutions for their needs, and we’re always there to offer support and guarantee our work for the life of the product.

There’s no need to deal with overseas manufacturers, when you can get a better product, get it faster, and get it with the support you need, right here in Australia. Contact Keylar Shelving anytime for advice on the right shelving solution for your project, and we’ll be more than happy to deliver both a superior product and the customer service you’d expect from a local supplier.