The Many Advantages of Modular Shelving

There are a variety of different shelving solutions to meet just about any need for your home office or business. The most popular and also the most functional type are known as modular shelving. The shelves come in different types of material such as steel, wood and even plastic. The thing that makes modular shelving such an amazing solution isn’t the material but rather the ability to customize.

Modular shelving is easy to do. You just need to snap and click the pieces in place and just like that, you’re done assembling your modular shelving unit.

Modular shelving allows you to assemble, disassemble and reassemble the shelves to whatever shape, size and form you desire to meet your needs, both aesthetically and functionally. This is great if you have an ever-growing library of books or collection of DVDs, action figures, mint-Faberge eggs, pottery, plants, etc.

Another advantage to modular shelving is that they are so easy to clean. Sure you’ll have to take whatever is on them down in order to accomplish this, but you can dismantle it and run the shelves under a sink or in some cases even a dishwasher.

You can shape-shift your shelving modules to make multiple shelves or two large shelves or shelf dividers; the possibilities will seem endless.

An example of a modular shelf system usually consists of 2 narrow shelves, 2 wide shelves, and 3 wide shelf sizes which you can dismantle and change to create different shapes to accommodate your shelving needs.

You can also pick the wire modular shelving which have rust and corrosion resistant finishes so that it will last for a long time. Wire shelving is the easiest to work with and doesn’t require a great deal of dusting like other shelving solutions. Also, because of the wire design, air and light are able to move through whatever it is you are placing. So if you have books, you’re less likely to see the edges turn yellow or mouldy. If you’re looking to add plants, that’s even better because lighting can actually come through.

Shelving solutions aren’t limited to simply solving space issues; they must also be able to accommodate the person using the area without making it feel like a huge clutter.

If you’re planning on storing things like cooking utensils and jars of jam, you probably want to go for solid shelves as oppose to wire steel shelves which wouldn’t be able to hold small objects because of the cell-like design. You can also pick slatted shelves which are solid to a certain degree but allows air to circulate far more easily so that if your unit is in a walk-in pantry, the food you store there will likely remain fresh longer.

In today’s consumption obsessed world, we tend to collect more and more. Using a modular shelving system allows you to compensate for all the things you will be bringing into your home or garage so that you can manage the space more efficiently. This will in turn make finding things far less of a challenge while giving your space the clean and innovative look it deserves.