Shelving Solution Options

Shelves are an important part of home décor because they have multiple functions. In addition to allowing you to display and organise trinkets, memorabilia, books, tools, kitchen appliances, and office equipment, they also free up valuable space.  Shelving solutions come in all sorts of sizes, length, material, and colours to meet a variety of needs. A popular choice is often between wooden shelving or steel shelving. You simply need to figure out which types of shelving units are better suited for your home or office space. First things first. You should know what you’ll be placing on your shelves and how many units you’ll need. The weight and number of items you’ll be putting up will help you determine the material and the thickness of the shelves you’ll be putting up. There are several different types of shelving solutions available in the market to choose from.

Shelving Units

The most common shelving units are those that are modular and come with racks. Some come in plastic and others come in metal. The advantage of these modular racks are that you can adjust the height and width of the shelves as your needs grow. The adjustment doesn’t always have to increase. If you decide that less is better for your décor, you can actually make the shelves more compact to make more space in your home. This type of shelving works great in living rooms and bedrooms, but may also be incorporated in a garage or home office as well.

Shelving systems

Shelving systems can also be hung on the walls, which is a great advantage if you’re trying to maximise the floor space in your room. This type of wall shelving can be used in living rooms, kitchens, or offices to put up books, cookbooks, office supplies and home decorations like vases, picture frames, or small plants. The advantage of wall shelving is that you can place them in several columns and rows and as low or as high as you’d like.

Traditional low cabinets and racks can have practical uses for your shelving needs. They can be tall or short, with or without doors and they fit into virtually any style in your home.

Plastic wire frame shelves have a plastic coated wire frame. They aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing shelves for a living room or a bedroom so you might want to limit this type of shelving to your garage or personal workshop. You can also use plastic wire frame shelves in your closets simply by adding mounting brackets on the walls. They are usually lightweight so you can add your shoes, shirts, sweaters, or pants in these racks.

Now that you are aware of some of the shelving options available out there, you can choose which one is more suitable to your taste. Make sure that the colour you choose is a good aesthetic match for your walls and other furniture.